Spreading the word about Cryptocurrency with Crypto Pro Shop Apparel

We wear clothes to make a fashion statement, but also to proudly express who we are. Just how a T-shirt with a peace sign or a band logo can say a lot about a person’s likes and interests, so can a good Crypto Pro Shop T-shirt. Although Crypto trading has become a massive phenomenon lately, there still are a lot of people who have not heard of Crypto or who understand it. The whole idea of blockchain sounds like a great mystery to some. Next time you are at a family dinner, rocking some sweet apparel from Crypto Pro Shop, and notice everyone looks confused – use it as an opportunity to spread the word and explain to them what Crypto is. Clear out some of those myths that have been going on in the press. Who knows, maybe your newly procured Crypto hoodie will be your lucky charm – and the people that were so intrigued about what you were wearing will become your Crypto trading partners! We recommend starting out easy – start with Bitcoin. Start off by spreading the word of Bitcoin with our Bitcoin Clothing and help the people to get clarity about the misunderstood concept.

How to introduce friends and family to the concept of Crypto

For Millennials – and for people who have a keen interest in computers – understanding Crypto Pro Shop, notions like Blockchain, and Crypto concepts comes naturally. So, if we take the definition of Bitcoin, for instance,

“a type of digital currency in which encryption techniques are used to regulate the generation of units of currency and verify the transfer of funds, operating independently of a central bank.”

it might make total sense for you – the Crypto enthusiast. But, for your older relatives who did not grow up with the Internet, or for your non-tech-savvy friends, it will not shed any light on the term. It may be easier to say, “Bitcoin is the first decentralized currency that has no central authority. It is open source and anyone can take part in it. And instead of using names, or social security numbers, it connects the sellers and buyers through encryption keys.”

So, how do you explain to them how Crypto works?

First, leave out the Crypto slang. Words like ledger, decentralized, disruptive or tokens are not self-explanatory and will not keep you people interested. Instead, try to use simple words and clear analogies that anyone can understand.  Also, refer them to Crypto Pro Shop for visuals on some of the available Cryptos.

Remember to be patient and get ready to explain the concept more than one time. After all, Cryptocurrency can be complicated and some processes might require additional clarification. With all the buzz that has been going on around the news regarding Bitcoin, there is also a chance your friends might have a lot of questions and some of them might be controversial. For example, they might not know the difference between Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies (you should definitely buy our apparel with different Cryptos on them – to help make identification easier). Or they might confuse legit trading platforms with questionable get-rich-quick schemes.

When explaining what Cryptocurrency is all about, give plenty of examples and focus on the key benefits of trading.  Also focus on some of Crypto Pro Shop’s humorous meme T-Shirts.  They’ll soon understand how trading Crypto feeels.  For example, you can explain to them how secure it is and that these days you can use them to purchase many things (including our apparel). The idea of Cryptocurrency may sound abstract at first, but it will become more real if you explain to your friends that they can use it to buy a lot of things: from plane tickets, cool T-shirts from our Crypto store, water bottles, backpacks, etc. Tell them that Crypto is no longer a trend – it is becoming more popular every day and that one day it might be as universal as the Internet!  Crypto Pro Shop aims to streamline Crypto adoption.

After you have explained the basics of trading Crypto and you have piqued your friend’s interest, the best way of helping them get acquainted with the concept is to actually show it in action. Help them download a wallet and send them Bitcoin! It doesn’t have to be a lot, just enough so they see it’s as easy as sending an email. They can use that Bitcoin to purchase something online or they can send it back to you.

Clearing out the biggest misconceptions about Crypto

For Crypto enthusiasts, there is a clear line between facts and myths. But your old relatives or less tech-savvy friends might still believe the words that go out in the press or in the mainstream media. Help them clear the biggest misconceptions about Cryptocurrency and Bitcoin, especially.

• “I’m too poor to invest in Crypto” Good news! Cryptos are divisible – it can be divided by up to 8 decimals. Whether they want to buy 0.1, 0.001, or 0.4795634, they purchase, sell, trade, and spend how much ever they would like to.

• “It’s not worth a thing!” – Many would beg to differ when it comes to this. If you have a glance at specialized websites, you will shortly realize the value and inherent worth that this Crypto has. As long as expert investors are willing to pay full price, this should give them second thoughts about this personal belief. After all, you can tell your friends that still believe this myth that the Bitcoin supply is finite, and as long as you need to OWN it, to use it, it has plenty on intrinsic value. But its worth goes beyond its financial value: this currency is anonymous, transparent and decentralized, unlike any other bank or stock in the world.  Crypto Pro Shop accepts Crypto – so we know it’s worth something!

• “I’ve seen what Crypto has to offer.” – Crypto, today, is seen as the Internet was seen back in the ‘90s: nobody really knows its real potential. But as long as it becomes a legitimate payment method online and in the real world, maybe we still don’t know its true potential. Be patient when explaining this to your relatives or friends, just like you were when you were introducing them to the “nonsense” that the Internet was back in the day.

• “I’ve heard it’s used by terrorists and organized crime.” – Your relatives and friends have to understand the fact that this virtual currency is more transparent and trackable than many of them think. This misconception was born from the idea that because these transactions take place on the Internet, they can’t be identified. Well, bad news. Tell them that fiat money is less trackable and less transparent when used for illicit actions than most Cryptocurrencies are. But, thanks to the media and mainstream opinions, your less informed acquiesces still believe this myth.  Cars, cell phones, airplanes are all used by criminals as well.  Crypto Pro Shop does not use Crypto to commit crimes – we just want to spread the adoption of cryptocurrency 🙂

• “It can be shut down at any time.” – As always, when something new appears on the market, people reluctantly think about its life. Tell your friends that while Crypto value fluctuates, the only way of shutting down Cryptocurrency is by shutting down the Internet. Good luck with that! Companies can shut down (not Crypto Pro Shop though) and most Cryptos are here to stay!

Now, that you cleared out of the way all those misconceptions that your friends and family have about Cryptos, it might be the time to familiarize them with other Cryptocurrencies as well. Show them our store!

What is Crypto Pro Shop?

Crypto Pro Shop provides you Bitcoin shirts, hoodies, and other Cryptocurrency Apparel. It lets you show your support for Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies that aim at decentralization. We provide our customers and Bitcoin enthusiasts with the quality apparel that is comfortable to wear.

Other Cryptocurrencies you can introduce your friends to

The Cryptocurrency world is bigger than Bitcoin, and it would be a shame for your friends to remain unaware of it. Wearing Crypto Pro Shop specialized clothes is a gateway to introducing them to other Cryptos and our apparel will open new perspectives for them! For quick and easy access to our entire site directory, please check out our sitemap.