Our Guarantee

Our Mission

We want to provide our customers with quality cryptocurrency apparel to help spread global awareness of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.  Finding the perfect printed T-Shirt, Hoodie, or Tank Top with a cool crypto design is great if you want to share your passion with the world.  However, enjoying that clothing item for as long as possible is equally as important.  To make sure this happens, we select quality fabric for all our clothing and choose specialized ink jet technology to ensure quality prints.  This way, you can enjoy your custom cryptocurrency apparel for years.

Our Designs

We design each of our crypto graphics and want them to stand out from the crowd.  For most designs, we elect direct to garment printing – a modern printing process that uses advanced technology to transfer the design directly on to the garment.  This allows the print to maintain its shape and colors for long periods of time.  We select quality T-Shirt, Hoodie, Tank Top, and Long Sleeve Shirt fabric that is comfortable, breathable, and long lasting.

Caring for your cryptocurrency apparel (T-Shirt, Hoodie, Tank Top, etc.)

Whether you are purchasing a T-shirt, a Hoodie, or a Tank top – keeping it in good condition does not involve any special effort.  Follow the suggestions below and you will enjoy your cool cryptocurrency apparel for a much longer time:

  • Turn the item inside out before placing it inside the washer
  • Wash the item with clothes of similar colors and fabrics
  • Use as little detergent as possible
  • Do not use bleach or other products containing chloride
  • Ensure the apparel is inside out before placing it in a dryer
  • Use a short drying cycle with the minimum number of rotations
  • Iron the apparel inside out – never iron the printed design part!

In general, cotton shrinks after washing.  There is a chance that our cryptocurrency apparel will shrink slightly after the first wash.  Cotton clothes shrink the least when washed in cold water and left to air dry.  When washed with hot water and dried in the dryer at maximum temperature, cotton shrinks substantially.

In conjunction with selecting quality fabric and choosing advanced printing technology for our cryptocurrency apparel, items are inspected for defects prior to shipping.  In the rare case when you find a flaw with your apparel, please submit a Refund/Exchange Request and we will make things right.  If you have any questions, comments, or concerns — please feel free to contact us.  Start shopping today!