About Us

Our Inspiration

I began researching Bitcoin in early 2010 and discovered cryptocurrency opened new doorways to trading, investing, and paying for goods.  I was instantly hooked and joined the ranks of crypto enthusiasts overnight.  Cryptocurrency and blockchain advanced technology will shape the future.  The application of this advanced technology is limitless.  While speaking with my friends about how everyone wears the same crypto-related apparel, we thought, “Why not establish a cryptocurrency clothing store with our own artistic designs?”  When we realized there are so many crypto enthusiasts who love this global phenomenon – we decided to act!  We aspired to offer as many artistic designs as possible for our custom apparel.  To support the adoption of cryptocurrency, our custom apparel store accepts cryptocurrency (Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, and more!)

Our Cryptocurrency Clothing  Store

After many late nights planning, we are now proud owners of our own cryptocurrency clothing store.  At our custom apparel store, crypto enthusiasts can find artistic designs that show support for blockchain advanced technology.  We believe this store is more than a place to purchase new clothing.   Additionally, we believe it will evolve into a community for those who love crypto-related apparel.  Our artistic designs send a message and we believe our custom apparel is perfect for crypto enthusiasts.

Having an online custom apparel store has taught us there are more crypto enthusiasts out there than we could have imagined.  The fact traders want to purchase apparel to support this advanced technology shows blockchain has a promising future.

Cryptocurrency is constantly changing and we want our store to reflect that – which is why we regularly add new artistic designs.  We have grown relationships with other crypto enthusiasts so that all the apparel sold on our site stays relevant to whatever happens on the crypto market.  We also back our products with Our Guarantee – please see our FAQ for estimated delivery times.  Additionally, please read our Refund/Exchange policy.  If you have any comments, questions, or ideas – please share them with us!